Security and privacy guaranteed

The Money Provider team has a mandate to protect your identity in addition to ensuring 100% secure and confidential service. No personal information will be disclosed or shared with any party whatsoever that is not directly connected to your credit application.

Our personal agents handle your file with the utmost discretion. Moreover, the entire process makes use of cutting-edge, proven technologies that thoroughly protect all your personal information. The only persons with access to your personal information are our agents who are authorized to directly process your application.

Money Provider uses the leading tools on the market so you can enjoy complete peace of mind.

Is instant banking verification secure?

Yes, it is! It is the most secure technology on the market. The service is offered in collaboration with and features the same level of security as Canadian banks. We will never have access to your username and password during your credit application. During the process, we will only receive a secure version of your banking statement for the past 90 days.


In certain unforeseen circumstances, a microcredit is an excellent solution. However, we advise you to use it responsibly as a temporary solution only, since will generate significantly higher interest than loans taken out with your financial institution. If you accrue multiple microcredits, over time, you may become overburdened with debt, resulting in much more serious financial problems. Do not hesitate to consult a financial recovery specialist if needed.

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